Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 16

1933 Iraqi army campaign to kill Assyrians in north ended
1946 KDP founded by Mustafa Barzani and Hamzah Abdullah
1962 Turkish planes shot down Iraqi plane in retaliation for Iraq bombing Turkish
border post while fighting Kurdish rebels
1967 Law No 97 gave more power to Iraqi National Oil Company
1985 Iraq claimed it destroyed Iran’s main oil terminal at Kharg Island but only damaged it
2002 U.S. decided Bush would go to UN to present case against Iraq
2002 Pentagon office claimed briefing day before convinced CIA Dir Tenet to
            reconsider Iraq-Al Qaeda relationship
2002 CIA Dir Tenet denied Feith’s office had changed his view on Iraq-Al Qaeda relationship
2002 Feith’s office said Iraq & Al Qaeda cooperated CIA said they had contacts but no cooperation
2003 Insurgent attack on Abu Ghraib prison 6 prisoners killed 59 wounded
2015 Abadi closed 4 ministries merged 8 others into 4 by decree even though legally
            had to go through parliament

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Post Mosul Liberation Day 35 Aug 14 2017

There were more incidents in Mosul and surrounding areas of Ninewa province. Islamic State members were arrested attempting to smuggle weapons into west Mosul. A senior insurgent leader who allegedly was in charge of operations in east Mosul along with several other militants were also detained. A policeman in Tanak in the west was shot and killed. In an outer village, an IED wounded a civilian, and three people were killed and one injured in a shooting incident in the Tal Afar district. The liberation of Mosul didn’t mean the end of the Islamic State. Its units are scattered, but still making attempts every day in the governorate.

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 15

1990 Iraqi opposition in Iran claimed they could field 50,000 to fight Saddam
1990 Iraq offered to fully implement UN Res 598 and Algiers Agreement to try to win
            favor with Iran after Kuwait invasion
1991 UN Resolution 706 proposed Iraq import petroleum products to alleviate
            humanitarian situation caused by sanctions Iraq rejected plan
1991 UN Resolution 707 said Iraq was in flagrant violation of weapons inspectors 
1995 Supreme Council denounced Jordan taking in Saddam’s son-in-law Hussein
Kamal as a murderer
2001 Foreign Office legal adv Sir Wood said that British forces could be sued if not
            given legal basis for going to war with Iraq
2002 1st Bush NatlSecAdv Scowcroft wrote Wall St Journal OpEd saying Saddam not
            threat to US and not connected to 9/11
2002 NatlSecAdv Rice said US needed to launch pre-emptive strike against Iraq
            before it got too strong
2002 Pentagon office briefed CIA on its findings that Iraq and Al Qaeda had cooperated for years
2003 White House objected to CPA’s request for $20.3 bil after administration
            said it would not ask Congress for any more money
2003 Oil pipeline to Turkey bombed in Baiji Salahaddin shutting down exports for 2nd
            time in a week
2004 Peace talks between Allawi govt & Sadr broke down over ending 2nd Battle of Najaf
2005 One week extension given to Constitutional committee to finish work
2011 ISI attacked Sahwa in mosque in Yusifiya during Ramadan & bomb St Ephraim
            Syriac Orthodox church in Kirkuk
2015 Chief Justice Medhat said that judiciary supported Abadi’s reforms but made no changes

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Monday, August 14, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 14

1985 Iraq started air campaign against Kharg Island Iran’s main oil terminal Iran-
            Iraq War
1985 Start of air strikes on Kharg Island dropped capacity by 1/3 Iran moved most of
            its shipping south as a result
1998 Iraq found violating UN sanctions by smuggling oil
2003 UN Resolution 1500 created UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)
2003 US intel officer wrote memo saying that “gloves are coming off” in interrogating
            Iraqi prisoners
2007 4 suicide bombers hit Kahtaniya, Sinjar district killing 796 Yazidis and
            wounding almost 1,500  
2014 Maliki agreed to step down after elections Was under pressure from US and
            Ayatollah Sistani
2015 Sistani’s office said Abadi needed to reform judiciary
2015 Protests in Maysan Kirkuk Samawa Basra Karbala Najaf Nasiriya Hillah Baghdad
Diwaniya Kut Baquba Dujail over better services fight corruption
2015 Journalists said that Baghdad Operations Command stormed their office and
            told them not to cover protests
2015 Maliki gave interview saying reform protests were anti-religious

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Post Mosul Liberation Day 34 Aug 13 2017

The Islamic State is operating throughout Ninewa, but at a very low level. Three insurgents were arrested attempting to lay IEDs along the road from Qayara in the southeast to Mosul. Every day there are a few such incidents. They do not present a real threat to security, but it shows the militants have access to nearly every part of the province.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Musings On Iraq In The News

Post Mosul Liberation Day 32-33 Aug 11-12 2017

Mosul continued to face sporadic violence. On August 11, three Islamic State fighters were discovered in a tunnel and killed by Federal Police in Hawi Kanisa in the northwest. The next day, August 12, a suicide bomber was shot at a checkpoint in west Yarmouk, while men in military uniform robbed a house in the northeast. The Chief of Staff of the 5th Federal Police Division General Hafez al-Tami told the press 80% of west Mosul had been cleared. On July 25, the police gave the same figure. Unfortunately, the Iraqi forces often exaggerate such matters. What is not open for debate is that there are still attacks in the city nearly every day now. None of these pose a real threat to security, but they show that the insurgents are still alive and active.

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 13

1974 Iran and Iraq met in Turkey to negotiate border dispute
1986 US State Dept said Iraq was trying to negotiate peace but Iran-Iraq War continuing because of 
2003 US forces pulled down a Shiite banner from a building in Sadr City leading to protests
2003 DepSecState Armitage said Iraq had WMD
2003 US gave up on attempt to get UN peace keeping force for Iraq
2004 Allawi govt announced 2nd ceasefire with Mahdi Army to hold talks with Sadr to end 2nd 
            Battle for Najaf
2004 Militia kidnapped a British journalist and demanded US withdraw from Najaf during 2nd battle 
            for city Sadr gained his release
2011 Obama proposed reducing stay behind force to 7000 US soldiers in Iraq after withdrawal
2015 Abadi’s State of Law said he had to keep one vice president because was in constitution 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Drawing The Iraq-Saudi-Kuwait Border In The Sand

A common belief about the Middle East was that it was carved up by England and France during World War I with the 1916 Sykes-Picot Treaty. The reality is much more complicated. One example is the creation of the Iraq-Saudi-Kuwait border. That was literally a straight line drawn by the British, but was only a rough demarcation, which took decades to define.

Ibn Saud of Najid with Sir Percy Cox British High Commissioner for Iraq during the Mandate period (Cricistan)

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 12

1968 New Baath government of Pres Bakr said it was committed to uniting Iraq
            and Egypt
1976 Soviet-Iraq arms deal announced worth over $1 bil included 600 T-62s
            and T-64 tanks, 100 Mig-23s, SAM-6 and SCUD missiles and more
1976 Soviet-Iraq arms deal included giving Russia secret access to Iraqi air bases
1986 Iraq air strike hit Iran’s main oil terminal in Sirri Island Iraq got air support
            from either Kuwait or Saudis
1988 Pres Khamenei speech claimed Iran won Iran-Iraq War
1990 Saddam said all occupations should end including Israel-Palestine &
            Syria-Lebanon to stave off criticism of Kuwait invasion
1990 Marches in Amman and Mafraq, Jordan, Sanaa in Yemen, Sidon in Lebanon
            in support of Iraq and Saddam after Kuwait invasion
1995 Saddam’s son-in-law Hussein Kamal held news conference in Jordan saying he
            would overthrow Saddam after defecting
2002 Iraq invasion plans leaked to Time Supported Rumsfeld’s ideas of a small force
            or supporting an Iraqi revolt
2004 US forces surrounded Mahdi Army in Imam Ali shrine and Najaf cemetery 2nd
            Battle of Najaf
2004 Fighting between Iraqi and US forces vs Mahdi Army killed 68 civilians in Kut
2004 Wash Post said it ran many articles questioning Bush admin case for Iraq war but
            didn't get on front page
2015 Pres Masum said parliament should keep one VP since position is in constitution

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This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 16

1933 Iraqi army campaign to kill Assyrians in north ended 1946 KDP founded by Mustafa Barzani and Hamzah Abdullah 1962 Turkish planes...